COT.deploy_esxi module

Module for deploying VMs to ESXi, vCenter, and vSphere.


get_object_from_connection Look up an object by name.


COTDeployESXi Submodule for deploying VMs on ESXi and VMware vCenter/vSphere.
SmarterConnection A smarter version of pyVmomi’s SmartConnection context manager.
PyVmomiVMReconfigSpec Context manager for reconfiguring an ESXi VM using PyVmomi.
class COTDeployESXi(ui)[source]

Bases: COT.deploy.COTDeploy

Submodule for deploying VMs on ESXi and VMware vCenter/vSphere.

Inherited attributes: ui, package, generic_parser, parser, subparsers, hypervisor, configuration, username, password, power_on, vm_name, network_map serial_connection

Attributes: locator, datastore, ovftool_args


Instantiate this submodule with the given UI.

Parameters:ui (UI) – User interface instance.

Add subparser for the CLI of this submodule.

This will create the shared parser, then create our own sub-subparser under subparsers.

fixup_ovftool_args(ovftool_args, target)[source]

Make any needed modifications to the ovftool arguments.

  • ovftool_args (list) – Any existing ovftool arguments to begin with.
  • target (str) – deployment target URI

list – Updated ovftool arguments


Use PyVmomi to create and configure serial ports for the new VM.

Raises:NotImplementedError – If any SerialConnection in serial_connection has a kind other than ‘tcp’, ‘telnet’, or ‘device’

Check whether the module is ready to run().

Returns:tuple(True, ready_message) or (False, reason_why_not)

Do the actual work of this submodule - deploying to ESXi.

Raises:InvalidInputError – if ready_to_run() reports False
datastore = None

ESXi datastore to deploy to.

host = None

vSphere host to deploy to - set implicitly by self.locator.


Target vSphere locator.


List of CLI arguments to pass through to ovftool.


Mapping of serial ports to various connection types.

server = None

vCenter server or vSphere host - set implicitly by self.locator.

class PyVmomiVMReconfigSpec(conn, vm_name)[source]

Bases: object

Context manager for reconfiguring an ESXi VM using PyVmomi.

__init__(conn, vm_name)[source]

Use the given name to look up a VM using the given connection.

class SmarterConnection(ui, host, user, pwd, port=443)[source]

Bases: pyVim.connect.SmartConnection

A smarter version of pyVmomi’s SmartConnection context manager.

__init__(ui, host, user, pwd, port=443)[source]

Create a connection to the given server.

Parameters:ui (UI) – User interface instance.

For the other parameters, see pyVim.connect.SmartConnection

static unwrap_connection_error(outer_e)[source]

Extract inner attributes from a ConnectionError.

ConnectionError often wraps another exception with more context; this function dives inside the ConnectionError to find that context.

Parameters:outer_e (ConnectionError) – ConnectionError to unwrap
Returns:tuple – extracted (errno, inner_message)
get_object_from_connection(conn, vimtype, name)[source]

Look up an object by name.

  • conn (SmarterConnection) – Connection to ESXi.
  • vimtype (object) – currently only vim.VirtualMachine
  • name (str) – Name of the object to look up.

object – Located object