COT.helpers package reference

Provides a common interface for interacting with various non-Python programs.


helpers Dictionary of concrete Helper subclasses to be populated at load time.
helper_select Select the first helper that is available from the given list.


HelperError A helper program exited with non-zero return code.
HelperNotFoundError A helper program cannot be located.

Helper modules

COT.helpers.helper Common interface for providers of non-Python helper programs.
COT.helpers.apt_get Wrapper for the ‘apt-get’ package manager.
COT.helpers.brew Wrapper for the Homebrew ‘brew’ package manager for Mac (
COT.helpers.fatdisk Give COT access to fatdisk for creating and updating FAT32 file systems.
COT.helpers.gcc Give COT access to gcc command for building other helpers.
COT.helpers.isoinfo Give COT access to isoinfo for inspecting ISO images.
COT.helpers.make Give COT access to make command for building other helpers.
COT.helpers.mkisofs Give COT access to mkisofs, genisoimage, or xorriso for creating ISO images.
COT.helpers.ovftool Give COT access to ovftool for validating and deploying OVF to ESXi.
COT.helpers.port Wrapper for the MacPorts ‘port’ package manager.
COT.helpers.qemu_img Give COT access to qemu-img for manipulating disk image formats.
COT.helpers.vmdktool Give COT access to vmdktool for manipulating compressed VMDK files.
COT.helpers.yum Wrapper for the ‘yum’ package manager.