COT.disks.raw module

Handling of raw disk image files.

class RAW(path)[source]

Bases: COT.disks.disk.DiskRepresentation

Raw disk image file representation.

classmethod file_is_this_type(path)[source]

Whether this file is a RAW image.

Any file conceivably can be a RAW image; there's no file magic number.

For the parameters, see DiskRepresentation.file_is_this_type().

classmethod from_other_image(input_image, output_dir, output_subformat=None)[source]

Convert the other disk image into an image of this type.

  • input_image (DiskRepresentation) -- Existing image representation.
  • output_dir (str) -- Output directory to store the new image in.
  • output_subformat (str) -- Any relevant subformat information.

RAW -- representation of newly created raw image.

disk_format = 'raw'

List of files on the FAT32 file system of this disk.