COT.disks.iso module

Handling of ISO files.

class ISO(path)[source]

Bases: COT.disks.disk.DiskRepresentation

ISO 9660 disk image file representation.

classmethod file_is_this_type(path)[source]

Detect whether the given file is an ISO image.

Parameters:path (str) -- Path to file
Returns:bool -- True (file is an ISO) or False (file is not an ISO)
Raises:HelperError -- if path is not a file at all.
classmethod from_other_image(input_image, output_dir, output_subformat=None)[source]

Convert the other disk image into an image of this type.

  • input_image (DiskRepresentation) -- Existing image representation.
  • output_dir (str) -- Output directory to store the new image in.
  • output_subformat (str) -- Any relevant subformat information.

NotImplementedError -- non-trivial to convert other types to ISO

disk_format = 'iso'

ISO sub-format.

Possible values:

  • "" - not Rock Ridge
  • "rockridge" - has Rock Ridge extensions

The list of files contained in this ISO.


Disk drive type typically used for a Disk of this type.

Returns:str -- 'cdrom'