COT.helpers package reference

Provide various non-Python helper programs that COT makes use of.

In general, COT submodules should work through the APIs provided in COT.helpers.api rather than accessing individual helper program classes. This gives us the flexibility to change the specific set of helper programs that are used to provide any given functionality with minimal impact to COT as a whole.


convert_disk_image Convert the given disk image to the requested format/subformat.
create_disk_image Create a new disk image at the requested location.
get_checksum Get the checksum of the given file.
get_disk_capacity Get the storage capacity of the given disk image.
get_disk_format Get the disk image format of the given file.


HelperError A helper program exited with non-zero return code.
HelperNotFoundError A helper program cannot be located.

Helper modules

COT.helpers.api API for abstract access to third-party helper tools.
COT.helpers.helper Interface for providers of non-Python helper programs.
COT.helpers.fatdisk Give COT access to fatdisk for creating and updating FAT32 file systems.
COT.helpers.mkisofs Give COT access to mkisofs or genisoimage for creating ISO images.
COT.helpers.ovftool Give COT access to ovftool for validating and deploying OVF to ESXi.
COT.helpers.qemu_img Give COT access to qemu-img for manipulating disk image formats.
COT.helpers.vmdktool Give COT access to vmdktool for manipulating compressed VMDK files.