Verifying and installing helper programs with cot install-helpers


cot install-helpers --help
cot <opts> install-helpers --verify-only
cot <opts> install-helpers [--ignore-errors]


Install or verify the installation of COT manual pages and various required third-party helper programs for COT.


-h, --help show this help message and exit
--verify-only Only verify helpers -- do not attempt to install any missing helpers.
-i, --ignore-errors
 Do not fail even if helper installation fails.


Verify whether COT can find all expected helper programs

> cot install-helpers --verify-only
COT manpages: present in /usr/share/man/man1/
fatdisk:      present at /opt/local/bin/fatdisk
mkisofs:      present at /opt/local/bin/mkisofs
ovftool:      present at /usr/local/bin/ovftool
qemu-img:     present at /opt/local/bin/qemu-img
vmdktool:     NOT FOUND

Have COT attempt to install missing helpers for you. Note that most helpers require administrator / sudo privileges to install. If any installation fails, COT will exit with an error, unless you pass --ignore-errors.

> cot install-helpers
COT manpages: successfully installed to /usr/share/man
fatdisk:      successfully installed to /usr/local/bin/fatdisk
mkisofs:      present at /usr/bin/mkisofs
ovftool:      INSTALLATION FAILED: No support for automated
              installation of ovftool, as VMware requires a site
              login to download it. See
qemu-img:     present at /usr/bin/qemu-img
vmdktool:     successfully installed to /usr/local/bin/vmdktool

[Errno 1] Unable to install some helpers


Unfortunately, VMware requires a site login to download ovftool, so if you need this tool, you will have to install it yourself. COT cannot install it for you at present.